This is Lindsay

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I met Lindsay while walking on the beach one morning. She was sitting on the edge of a dock, playing her guitar when I walked up and asked to photograph her.

She instantly recognized my camera, which was a Nikon D40x at that time, and mentioned she has one just like it and loves photography but doesn’t know much about it.

Likewise, I told her that I love music and have tried to learn to play the guitar many times, but never could quite get it down.

This is Anya

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I’m so proud of Anya, my little sister. Not only did she graduate college with honors last weekend, she also became a U.S. citizen yesterday, along with my mom. I took these graduation photos of Anya a couple weeks ago.

This is Devin

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Say hello to my little friend:

Hello? Devin?

Hello, Devin!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the coolest little dude in town and his family. Devin sure knows how to have fun. We played on the swings, chased some birds, and played with dandelions and pine cones by the lake. But then, the sun set and it was time to go home.

Bye, Devin!