#TBTart – The Artworks of 5 year-old Me

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Thursdays, most people post old photos of themselves on the internet for fun, but I want to post my old art. This is my creative edition of the #ThrowBackThursday.

Warning: last drawing might be NSFW for dogs. Cover your dog’s eyes for the last segment.











Space ships, human seesaw, exaggerated princess dresses, cigarette-smoking crab, urinating dog… You know, the usual stuff that 5 year-old me drew in 1990 while still living in Ukraine.

I wanna see your old creations. If you have some, post them here in the comments, or your Twitter/Instagram and tag them with #TBTart.

Nature Made It Rain

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My wet shoes

These are my soaked shoes from the other day.

I was walking around the neighborhoods one evening, just as most people were returning home from work. It was gloomy and getting ready to rain.

It seemed like an unproductive day because I didn’t make $50,000 for my boss so that my life could feel validated as a contributing human to society. But I did play with a cat that day!

Just as I reached Lake Michigan, it started to downpour.

My umbrella protected me pretty well, except my feet. That’s when my shoes got soaked. And it felt amazing. The rain was warm and it was like an exfoliating foot massage with each squishy step I took.

Santana Supernatural CD

On my walk back, I couldn’t have felt loved by nature more until I encountered a free CD lying on the sidewalk.

Nature works in mysterious ways, even if it is a little old-fashioned. Anyone got a CD player I could borrow?

Super Studio Sale: You Will Get Superpowers By Buying These Prints

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An old Ukrainian legend states that if you buy any of my prints, their superpowers will be transferred to you! There are limited quantities left of the retiring prints/items. They’re about 50% off until they’re gone – http://razorberries.com/product-category/studio-sale/


Buy 'Bad Ideas' Print


If you like to explore the world and experience new things, but you have no idea what you want to do next, I have an idea for you: Buy this “Bad Ideas” print. With it, you’ll suddenly have The Power To Come Up With Ideas. Most of them will be bad… But it depends on how you look at it – If there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then, Shirley, there’s no such thing as bad ideas! There’s only such a thing as this print called, “Bad Ideas.” That part is real (while supplies last).



Buy 'Beanstalk' Print

You thought that beans were a magical fruit? Just you wait until you get their super stalking power: If you buy the “Beanstalk” print, you will suddenly have The Ability To Stalk Beans! This is very useful if you need to hunt and gather food for your family. Beans are scrappy little creatures. Especially those jumping ones.




Buy 'Traveler' Print

If you’d love to travel, buying this Traveler print won’t get you the ability to travel. It’ll give you something better: You will suddenly have The Power To Sit In One Spot, With A Cup in Your Hand, And Stare Out The Window For A Long Time, While THINKING About Traveling™. Forget that window, even! Having this print to stare at will be your reminder that you’re not traveling enough.

See all the sale items here: http://razorberries.com/product-category/studio-sale/


BONUS SUPERPOWER: Buying any of the prints will give you THE POWER TO PUT THEM ANYWHERE YOU’D LIKE – In your office. In your living room. In your bedroom. In your nose. In your butt.

Just kidding, I DO NOT recommend putting them in your nose or butt, because that might suddenly give you The Ability To Feel Instant Pain And/Or Bleed From A Paper Cut, and I may or may not be speaking from experience…