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Traveling Niagara Falls in the Razor Rover

For our last stop of the road trip, we saved the best for last: It was an amazing, beautiful, and refreshing dream come true to finally see an internet connection on my iPhone! Yeah, we had no phone or internet reception in Canada, and had to catch WIFI just so I could post #RazorRover photos. New York was […]

Traveling Toronto in the Razor Rover

I can officially say I’ve been to a different country. (Although, I’m from Ukraine and live in the U.S., I’ve spent enough time in both of these countries to consider them both homes.) When we’re not getting high on fresh air, we’re getting up high on tall buildings. We got […]

Traveling Kalamazoo, MI in the Razor Rover

When we arrived in Michigan, we found the beautiful Kalamazoo Nature Center. Anya and I roamed around the trails with a camera while Stosh roamed around the trails with a microphone. But interviewing nature wasn’t an easy task because of attention-whore mosquitoes. More like, Kalamazoo MOSQUITO Center. I don’t usually […]