Razorberries At Sacred Art Chicago

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Sacred Art Chicago is currently featuring my artwork as part of their Artist Showcase Series during the months of May and June! Last week was the show opening. Just for that night, I brought some of my sketchbooks for everyone to flip through, including the one from when I was 5 years old.


The sketchbooks show the progress me of learning to draw through practice. And I’m still always learning and evolving.

You can check out my artwork at Sacred Art at 4619 N Lincoln Ave, here in Chicago, until the end of June.

I Pranked OK Go

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Illustration of OK Go Adds 503 New Band Members at Secret Audition

Last week’s illustrarticle featured one of my favorite bands, OK Go. I wrote and illustrated the story, “OK Go Adds 503 New Band Members at Secret Audition” – which you can read here: http://illustrarticles.com/exclusive-ok-go-adds-503-new-band-members-at-secret-audition/

okgo-clsup1 okgo-clsup2 okgo-clsup3

Click the above thumbnails to see the closeups of the painting.


A couple weeks ago, I attended an OK Go live show at Lincoln Hall here in Chicago. Basically, it was awesome. I bought the ticket back in May and later, the show was sold-out. The venue was tiny for a now popular band that originated in Chicago. The maximum capacity of Lincoln Hall is 507. It was a very intimate setting and I managed to get to the front. One of my favorite things about the band is their creativity. I love their videos and the way they interact with their fans.

This photo is of the audience at Lincoln Hall, which was taken by the lead singer, Damian Kulash. Can you find me in the crowd? Hint: I’m the screaming brunette in the center, behind the two dudes by the mic.



Can you tell that the show was very colorful? The band sounded amazing, too. Their new album, Hungry Ghosts, is coming out in October. At the last song of the set, the band invited some of the audience to climb up on stage to dance.

Here’s the photo I took while I was up there. It captured my perspective of that moment EXACTLY: trippy lights, confetti, jumping & screaming fellow fans, and the back of Damian Kulash’s head.


Long story short, I sorta immediately got inspired and the result was this illustrarticle.



I had a show of my own coming up that weekend, Chicago’s Bucktown Arts Fest (my upcoming post), so I was pressed for time to finish. Still, I managed to get everything done.

My goal with this illustrarticle was to make OK Go laugh. Upon posting the illustrarticle last week, I tagged each of them in the IllustrArticles Instagram post, hoping they’d see the illustration and where to read the article. And, it sorta worked.

OK Go Adds 503 New Band Members At Secret Audition
OK Go Adds 503 New Band Members At Secret Audition

I cannot confirm nor deny whether any of them actually laughed, let alone read it, because I don’t know. But look:


okgo-damiankulashlikeDamian Kulash’s seal of approval! Printing this out and laminating it!


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The latest story on IllustrArticles is about a trouble-making pastry’s run-in with the police. Read “Traffic Jam Caused By A Cake And Her Cups” here: http://illustrarticles.com/traffic-jam-caused-by-a-cake-and-her-cups/




The above is how the sketch started off. I doodled it on the side of my sketchbook pretty quickly last week. It’s loosely modeled after California Street in San Francisco.

During my trip to SF back in March, I hopped on to a street car on California Street and held onto the side while riding down. The street cars don’t go very fast and stop constantly, but it seems strange to me that people are allowed and encouraged to just cling on to a pole and stand on the side while riding. So if you’re standing, there is no protection between you and the passing cars. Your only safety is your hopefully strong grip.


Things got a little intense as I was finishing the illustration. One paint brush was injured during the making of this illustrarticle. I must have leaned a little too hard on my new paint brush while inking and nearly dozing off at 1 a.m., a few hours after getting home from my job.


IllustrArticles has its own new store! There are posters, and pillows, and bags, oh my! Shop for fun stuff here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/illustrarticles/shop

Plus, every time you buy something from the store, a new illustrarticle gets its wings.

Bark in the Dark

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How do people even keep up with multiple blogs?

This blog here is more of a behind-the-scenes thing, in case it helps anyone. But my main focus is IllustrArticles. I’m pushing myself to take more in-progress photos.

In the past few years, I’ve been pushed by several people to try teaching art that I actually started to consider it, but then my thoughts were like, “Uh. What?” and “Uh. Thank you! Here, buy some of my artwork, instead! :D”

I was lucky that I had good teachers in high school. Teaching takes a lot of planning, dedication, and patience. Yeah, I couldn’t be a teacher. Or maybe I just don’t want to teach…? I don’t know – not even thinking about it!


Here’s an illustrarticle I’ve recently finished:


It’s for a story about a dog I heard barking in the distance as I tried for fall asleep one night. A lot of dogs bark in my neighborhood. Basically, I don’t live in the Rogers Park neighborhood. I live in Rogers BARK.

After I wrote the story, the illustration started with this little sketch:


Then, it turned into an outlined final sketch:


And then, a finished painting:


Ta-da! Those little hearts were originally sketched out as dog skulls & cross bones. But right before inking the illustration, I realized that’s not the direction I wanted it to go. You can read the illustrarticle here: “Why Dogs Bark At Night”

An illustrarticle is it’s not quite a comic, not quite a blog. It’s an illustration with an article. Can’t have one without the other. Thought I should clarify that. New IllustrArticles are posted whenever important stuff happens. And sometimes, Thursdays.

“Bark in the Dark” illustration is available is a poster, framed print, tote bag, and more at the IllustrArticles shop.

Traveling Niagara Falls in the Razor Rover

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For our last stop of the road trip, we saved the best for last: It was an amazing, beautiful, and refreshing dream come true to finally see an internet connection on my iPhone!

Yeah, we had no phone or internet reception in Canada, and had to catch WIFI just so I could post #RazorRover photos.

New York was just across the border from Niagara Falls in Ontario, but I thought I may have to swim a few feet closer toward America to get the internet service on my phone to work.

Thankfully, Stosh thought of better way to do that – turn the Razor Rover into the Razor ROWER! So, I did. And it worked! That’s when Stosh & Anya took this photo of me celebrating internet euphoria at Niagara Falls!

This concludes the Razor Rover trip to Canada. The first Razor Rover trip was in San Francisco, in March. Live-tweets of the #RazorRover are on Twitter and Instagram. Check out the previous stops we made along this trip here:

3. Traveling Toronto in the Razor Rover
2. Traveling Kalamazoo, MI in the Razor Rover
1. Traveling Indiana Dunes in the Razor Rover

More Razor Rover adventures to come!

Traveling Toronto in the Razor Rover

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I can officially say I’ve been to a different country. (Although, I’m from Ukraine and live in the U.S., I’ve spent enough time in both of these countries to consider them both homes.)

Me driving the Razor Rover in Toronto, Canada
Look, I really am in Canada!

When we’re not getting high on fresh air, we’re getting up high on tall buildings. We got to the 114th floor of the The CN Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world, or something. I tried to figure out what rank of tallness exactly, and then instantly regretted it. Don’t even bother looking at the debates about CN Tower and Willis Sears Tower unless you enjoy being queasy from thinking about technicalities. Basically, I was in a tall building in Canada! Wee!

The view from the CN Tower in Toronto – I think I can see Chicago from here!

Earlier this year, I made a resolution to see more places and made a goal to visit at least one state I’ve never been to. And so far this year, I’ve visited 3 new states AND a new country!

A couple years ago, when I finally became a U.S. citizen, I got a shiny U.S. Passport (which is pretty much the MULTIPASS in travel) so I gotta make good use of it.

The first Razor Rover trip was in San Francisco, in March. Check the blog tomorrow to see the final stop of this road trip!

Traveling Kalamazoo, MI in the Razor Rover

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Stosh, Anya, and I traveling in the Razor Rover
Me, Anya, Stosh, and Stosh’s microphone traveling in the Razor Rover

When we arrived in Michigan, we found the beautiful Kalamazoo Nature Center. Anya and I roamed around the trails with a camera while Stosh roamed around the trails with a microphone. But interviewing nature wasn’t an easy task because of attention-whore mosquitoes. More like, Kalamazoo MOSQUITO Center.

Sucking in all the fresh air I can get at Kalamazoo Nature Preserve
Sucking in all the fresh air I can get at Kalamazoo Nature Preserve

I don’t usually purchase oxygen, so I don’t know what it typically costs on the market. Breathing the fresh air at the Kalamazoo nature trails was $7 per person. Pretty sure it was 100% pure oxygen.

Thankfully, the Razor Rover doesn’t pollute.

The first Razor Rover trip was in San Francisco, in March. Check the blog tomorrow to see where we headed next!

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