Traveling Indiana Dunes in the Razor Rover

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Anya & Stosh at Indiana Dunes
Anya & Stosh at Indiana Dunes

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I went on the road trip in the Razor Rover from Chicago.

This is Anya and her boyfriend Stosh. We cruised through Indiana Dunes State Park. They seemed to be super excited about a bunch of sand and water and sand and water. You can’t see me in the photo because I fell asleep in the back.

Anya is actually my sister. But she’s my friend, too. Maybe she was adopted, but don’t tell her that.

The first Razor Rover trip was in San Francisco, in March. Check the blog tomorrow to see where we headed next!

State Of The Art Chicago Show and Driving a Subcompact Car

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Last Thursday, I had a chance to be a part of State of the Art Chicago show at John Barleycorn River North.

If you like fruity drinks and ever go to that restaurant, you gotta try their Raspberry Margarita. So good! I had mine without salt. Because fruit + salt = nope.

State of the Art June 2014

The dining booths were converted into little gallery spaces! This was my booth for the night:

State of the Art June 2014

I was so happy to see some familiar faces visiting my booth!

The show was indoors and the walls were provided by SOTA – so I didn’t have to bring any of my heavy walls or tent. With my cargo being much lighter, I didn’t have to rent an SUV this time. So I rented a small car. A tiny car. Baby bear’s car:

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 subcompact car was just right for this show. I loved this thing. It was a day for all things tiny: Driving this tiny car, just for one day, for a 3-hour show, in a tiny gallery space. The only giant part about it all – it was a lot of fun.

This concludes my art show marathon for a little while. You can read about my past art shows from the previous 2 weeks here: Wells Street Art Fest and Custer Fair.

I’ll be working on commissions and traveling until my next show,Bucktown Arts Fest in August.

Evanston’s Custer Fair, Flash Flood, and Driving an SUV

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Last weekend, I was in Evanston, IL showing my work at the Custer Fair. It was nice and calm most of the day on Saturday, until about 5pm, when a flash flood raged through the fair.

My booth was located by a wall with a decline in the edge of the road. So when it rained cats and dogs, the water accumulated and rose to about 5 inches in the deepest spot.

CusterFair (1)

All the artists closed up their tents, and everyone scattered looking for shelter. Some people drove home, some people were hiding from the storm at the underpass nearby. I zipped up my tent and quickly worked to get all my art away from the water.

Thankfully, none of my work was damaged. But my feet got completely submerged in the water.

CusterFair (2)

From inside my canopy, I could still hear voices of kids and adults running through puddles to their cars. Thunder, wind, and lightning all around. Rain falling harder and harder. Flood rising higher and higher. My car is parked 3 blocks away and I’m stuck in this tent. What to do?

Take selfies!

CusterFair (5)

This is the face of a stressed out person, wondering if she’s about to die.

When the rain calmed down a bit, I walked to my car and drove to Target to get some extra waterproof bins to help protect my artwork.

The next morning, on Sunday, I wondered if this rain would continue, and if I should just pack up and go home. But the weather became beautiful outside! I got a chance to walk around a little and make this little video of my neighbor artists:

The show went on! Soon, lots of people came to enjoy the fair. Thank you to everyone who visited and I was happy to see you enjoying my work!
CusterFair (3)

I rented this SUV for the weekend. It was a brand new Chevy…something. I should have paid more attention to the make of the car because I really liked driving this one. It was a good fit for me and my cargo.

CusterFair (4)

It’s similar to the Razor Rover, but just a little more waterproof.

This Thursday, June 26th, I’ll be at Chicago’s John Barleycorn River North for one night with a few other artists. Excited for this show and to drive my next mystery vehicle!

Touring Chicago’s Wells Street Art Fest and Driving a Pickup Truck

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The Wells Street Art Festival was my first outdoor art fair in Chicago. It was quite an adventure getting to my space and setting up my canopy and stuff. And at the end, taking everything down and packing up.

Thank you to everyone who visited my booth and took some Razorberries art home. Plus, I couldn’t have asked for better weather.


And I especially couldn’t have asked for better artist neighbors! I love meeting interesting and great people while doing art fairs.

Before this weekend, I’ve never driven a pickup truck. I generally avoid giant vehicles. I didn’t even want to drive my mom’s SUV back home in Galesburg, IL, even though it was fun the one time I drove it. This pickup truck was the only vehicle that was available at the car rental to fit my equipment, at the time.

Chicago roads get pretty narrow. When the man at the car rental place handed me the truck keys, I thought to myself – “Heeeere we go…” And then, I could barely climb up to get into the driver’s seat!


The Ford F150 XLT 4×4. This thing is probably 3x the size of any car I’ve driven before. Yet, somehow I managed to maneuver this truck through some really tight spaces to get to my booth at Wells Street. It’s a really nice ride and did its job but it’s definitely not built for a person my size. I felt like Goldilocks in Papa Bear’s truck the entire time!

This coming weekend I’ll be at the Custer Fair in Evanston, IL – I wonder what vehicle I’ll be driving next 😀

#TBTart – The Artworks of 5 year-old Me

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Thursdays, most people post old photos of themselves on the internet for fun, but I want to post my old art. This is my creative edition of the #ThrowBackThursday.

Warning: last drawing might be NSFW for dogs. Cover your dog’s eyes for the last segment.











Space ships, human seesaw, exaggerated princess dresses, cigarette-smoking crab, urinating dog… You know, the usual stuff that 5 year-old me drew in 1990 while still living in Ukraine.

I wanna see your old creations. If you have some, post them here in the comments, or your Twitter/Instagram and tag them with #TBTart.

Nature Made It Rain

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My wet shoes

These are my soaked shoes from the other day.

I was walking around the neighborhoods one evening, just as most people were returning home from work. It was gloomy and getting ready to rain.

It seemed like an unproductive day because I didn’t make $50,000 for my boss so that my life could feel validated as a contributing human to society. But I did play with a cat that day!

Just as I reached Lake Michigan, it started to downpour.

My umbrella protected me pretty well, except my feet. That’s when my shoes got soaked. And it felt amazing. The rain was warm and it was like an exfoliating foot massage with each squishy step I took.

Santana Supernatural CD

On my walk back, I couldn’t have felt loved by nature more until I encountered a free CD lying on the sidewalk.

Nature works in mysterious ways, even if it is a little old-fashioned. Anyone got a CD player I could borrow?

Super Studio Sale: You Will Get Superpowers By Buying These Prints

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An old Ukrainian legend states that if you buy any of my prints, their superpowers will be transferred to you! There are limited quantities left of the retiring prints/items. They’re about 50% off until they’re gone –


Buy 'Bad Ideas' Print


If you like to explore the world and experience new things, but you have no idea what you want to do next, I have an idea for you: Buy this “Bad Ideas” print. With it, you’ll suddenly have The Power To Come Up With Ideas. Most of them will be bad… But it depends on how you look at it – If there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then, Shirley, there’s no such thing as bad ideas! There’s only such a thing as this print called, “Bad Ideas.” That part is real (while supplies last).



Buy 'Beanstalk' Print

You thought that beans were a magical fruit? Just you wait until you get their super stalking power: If you buy the “Beanstalk” print, you will suddenly have The Ability To Stalk Beans! This is very useful if you need to hunt and gather food for your family. Beans are scrappy little creatures. Especially those jumping ones.




Buy 'Traveler' Print

If you’d love to travel, buying this Traveler print won’t get you the ability to travel. It’ll give you something better: You will suddenly have The Power To Sit In One Spot, With A Cup in Your Hand, And Stare Out The Window For A Long Time, While THINKING About Traveling™. Forget that window, even! Having this print to stare at will be your reminder that you’re not traveling enough.

See all the sale items here:


BONUS SUPERPOWER: Buying any of the prints will give you THE POWER TO PUT THEM ANYWHERE YOU’D LIKE – In your office. In your living room. In your bedroom. In your nose. In your butt.

Just kidding, I DO NOT recommend putting them in your nose or butt, because that might suddenly give you The Ability To Feel Instant Pain And/Or Bleed From A Paper Cut, and I may or may not be speaking from experience…

Traveling San Francisco in the Razor Rover

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photo (6)

I finally visited San Francisco a few weeks ago. It was a pretty big deal because this was the first time I got to see a palm tree within its natural habitat.

Oh, yeah, and, this is the farthest I’ve ever traveled alone, to a place I haven’t been to, but have been dreaming of visiting for years.

I wanted to do a fun art project for this trip and was inspired by Land Rover. The little car I’m sitting in is the Razor Rover. It’s very lightweight. And no, I didn’t drive all the way to San Francisco from Chicago in it. Because that would’ve been crazy. I flew in on Virgin Airlines, and they are awesome because they let me take Razor Rover in my carry-on.

Oh, yeah, and, because they sing and dance in their airplane safety video and give you free tomato juice.


Before my trip, I designed Razor Rover, built it out of watercolor paper, and drew the details in with ink markers. Then I took the photos with the help of my iPhone, a fisheye phone-camera lens (thanks, Land Rover!), Joby GripTight Mount, and a bluetooth remote.


For my 29th birthday, I strolled through the Golden Gate Bridge. I spent  about 4 hours in the area. (One of those hours was spent charging my phone.) It was so windy that I didn’t think I’d be able to get a Razor Rover photo. Thankfully, one of the employees at the gift shop was able to give me a couple strips of tape to secure the Razor Rover to keep me from flying away in it.

There were a lot of people at the bridge that day and I got some weird looks while I was driving Razor Rover. I thought maybe it’s because they wanted a ride. So, I offered. But then they said stuff like, “Uh, that’s okay. Good luck!”



At Pier 39, a few people did enjoy Razor Rover. Because it’s such a smooth ride, this guy didn’t even realize he was driving it!


Here’s me in the Razor Rover, attempting to go where no car has gone before: UPHILL the squiggliest street – Lombard Street.


When I got to the top, I parked Razor Rover to the side and enjoyed the view from Russian Hill.

photo (5)

During my first Razor Rover trip, this was the first time I stayed in a hostel, too. The Green Tortoise Hostel SF hallways have this amazing, colorful carpet. During my week-long stay there, I got to meet people from lots of different countries, including England, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Some of them were just enjoying traveling, some were backpacking countries and working temporary jobs, and some were visiting San Francisco for conferences.


I also met Mia, a glassblower from Finland, because she was staying in the same dorm as me. Here, she is testing out Razor Rover’s cruise control. Look, no hands!

It was her idea was that we should catch the sunset at Ocean Beach.


Mission accomplished!

The Razor Rover trip photos were improvised on-location, and I live-tweeted and live-Instagrammed (it was very-instant, okay?) most of the trip. There will be more Razor Rover adventures in the future, and you’ll be able to see the live updates by following the #RazorRover hashtag from my Twitter & Instagram.

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