Romney. Just a little prick.

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Mitt Romney’s overblown ego didn’t help him win the election. Big ego, little much else to back up his promises– nothing new.

See below the process from sketch to finish. I originally had Romney dressed in the sketch phase. But when I thought of the title, it was only natural to show him au naturel.

I had fun voting for the first time in my life this year and I’m so glad that all the campaign ads are over

We all placed our ballots and kept our fingers crossed–hoping and wishing. Then we watched the results coming in live, kind of like watching an ultrasound and trying to make out what was developing. Sadly, there was hardly a chance that it would be a girl, Jill Stein. But when it was final, we got ourselves a Barack Obama. Someone who cares about all people, and women’s rights. Guess who I didn’t vote for?

My 2-year Chicago Anniversary and New Clarity Print

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Today marks 2 years since I moved to Chicago and I’d like to celebrate by releasing a new print.


You’ll find signed prints in my Etsy shop. For unsigned prints, framed prints, Tshirts, hoodies, iPhone cases/skins, totebags, and more check out my shop at Society6.

Moving somewhere may not sound like too big of a deal, but it is to me. It’s part of life’s process and progress. I’ve been trying to move here to Chicago since our plane landed at O’Hare in 1994 and we immigrated from Ukraine to America. I’ve lived in Wisconsin Dells, Galesburg, and Peoria before finally getting here. I love Chicago and so glad to be here. Chicago really feels more like home, a feeling I’ve been missing since moving away from the city I was born in, Kiev.

A lot of things happen in our lives that allow us to realize different types of clarity. Even in just the last 2 years , I’ve really had my share of it, but I’ll save that for other posts. For now, I’d just like to celebrate 🙂

Hugging Trees Vs. Pushing Paper

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“Carry” for Illustration Friday


It’s sometimes a little conflicting to me that I love nature and trees, and I paint on paper.

(Paper comes from chopped down trees. But you knew that, right?)

Well, I actually have a thing for paper, too, like a lot of artists. Its texture, the grain, the way pigment rests on it or becomes absorbed into it… I’ll stop there before this turns into a porn novel.

Paper has always carried my work in some way. And it just so happens that I work at a print center for my day job. That’s where I print a lot of stuff on paper. It’s also where a lot of paper get wasted. A lot. Of paper.

Last weekend there, I worked on a job that had me print 500 packets that consisted of a total of 28,000 sheets of paper. It was for a big conference for a company. With today’s technology, why they couldn’t do this digitally (like email, website, or hand out a PDF on a flash drive), I have no clue. This kind of thing happens at a lot of places.

I’m just going to assume that as you read this, those 500 people have either recycled the paper. Or hung it up on their wall and are admiring its texture, the grain, the toner glistening in the light…



Kleptoctopus attacks your screen

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At the suggestion of my sister that there should be more wallpapers of my work, here’s a new one – The Attack of the Kleptoctopus, featuring Ms. Jessie Bunnie, of course. Yay!

Choose your screen size: 1600×1200 | 1280×1024 | 1024×768 | 1024×600 – and right click on the image, and select “Set as Desktop Background” or something along those lines.

Fair Man

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At a fair in Galva, IL. July 4th. Around 7 pm. The weather still in the upper 90’s. I ask this man how he manages to work under such conditions.

He replies, “Air conditioning.”

This is Ashleigh

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Ashleigh is a rare gem that I met on the train while heading to Galesburg, IL to visit my mom a few days ago.

Majority of the time I either sit on the train alone or next to someone who insists on pretending that I don’t exist. If a conversation takes place, it seldom ventures beyond a topic like the weather. And after my many failed attempts, I end up with my earphones on for the rest of the trip.

(I like learning about people but sometimes I end up sitting next to a dude who asks inappropriate questions or makes inappropriate comments. That’s when I look for a different seat or am definitely scrambling for my earphones!)

But this trip began very differently when Ashleigh sat down next to me. Our conversation began about the meowing we heard somewhere in the train car, because we were convinced that someone was smuggling a cat inside their baggage. We continued to talk nearly the entire trip. After a range of topics like theater, music, work, travel, dreams, and life in general. Eventually, the train got to Galesburg and I had to go.

We never did find out if there was actually a cat somewhere on board.


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These are a few more photos from the shoot I did of my friend Jessica a few weeks ago. I’ve been experimenting with blending watercolor washes onto photos and I’m really liking the effect.

Jessica is really fun to work with because she’s also a photographer herself, so she knows what photographers look for while she’s modeling. Check her out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as luvbunnie_j, for her work.

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