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The 9 Secret Steps To Drawing The “Kooky” Illustration

I documented my work process from start to finish for my illustration “Kooky”. This was drawn for an illustrarticle called “The #1 Secret Ingredient For Baking Delicious Cookies” Step 1 Before starting the illustration, I wrote the story “The #1 Secret Ingredient For Baking Delicious Cookies“. These are my initial […]

Hey Creatives: We Need You, So Throw More Paper Airplanes

Like I was telling my friend Katie Waters, a foley artist and sound engineer, sometimes it feels like I’m throwing paper airplanes into the abyss. I’m so thankful for all the private commissions I’ve gotten the chance to create for such great people. And I’m thankful for my part-time job […]

Featured on Design Juices

Design Juices features a lot of awesome illustration and design, and I’m so excited that my illustration work was featured alongside such great artists! My feature shares a some background info about my artistic influences and my project IllustrArticles. You can read it here: Check out more features on Design Juices and follow […]

Pass The Torch Of Creativity By Sharing Your Stories

One of my goals this year has been to write more and share more stories about illustration, creativity, and life. So far, I’ve been failing at that a little bit by not posting often enough. It’s been a rough few weeks since my last post that made it hard to […]

9 Before & After Sketches of IllustrArticles Illustrations

This coming Sunday, my project IllustrArticles will have been running for 9 months. For fun, I put together a bunch of before and after sketches of some of the illustrations I’ve created for the site. The left side is the initial sketch of the idea. The right side is the […]

Hear, See, and Speak Like A Crow in 2014

This New Year, I look forward to doing a lot of things. In order to stay on track with my goals, I’ve narrowed down my resolutions to these 3 basic principles. They are illustrated in my “Hear, See, Speak” crows illustration, that I created back in 2009 as a twist […]

Adventures in Screen Printing as a Newbie

There’s something magical and inspiring about being a complete newbie at something. And when I say magical and inspiring, what I really mean is awkward and terrifying. And that can be a good thing.   The Beginnings At age 9, the only English word I knew was “Yesterday” thanks to […]