State Of The Art Chicago Show and Driving a Subcompact Car

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Last Thursday, I had a chance to be a part of State of the Art Chicago show at John Barleycorn River North.

If you like fruity drinks and ever go to that restaurant, you gotta try their Raspberry Margarita. So good! I had mine without salt. Because fruit + salt = nope.

State of the Art June 2014

The dining booths were converted into little gallery spaces! This was my booth for the night:

State of the Art June 2014

I was so happy to see some familiar faces visiting my booth!

The show was indoors and the walls were provided by SOTA – so I didn’t have to bring any of my heavy walls or tent. With my cargo being much lighter, I didn’t have to rent an SUV this time. So I rented a small car. A tiny car. Baby bear’s car:

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 subcompact car was just right for this show. I loved this thing. It was a day for all things tiny: Driving this tiny car, just for one day, for a 3-hour show, in a tiny gallery space. The only giant part about it all – it was a lot of fun.

This concludes my art show marathon for a little while. You can read about my past art shows from the previous 2 weeks here: Wells Street Art Fest and Custer Fair.

I’ll be working on commissions and traveling until my next show,Bucktown Arts Fest in August.

Evanston’s Custer Fair, Flash Flood, and Driving an SUV

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Last weekend, I was in Evanston, IL showing my work at the Custer Fair. It was nice and calm most of the day on Saturday, until about 5pm, when a flash flood raged through the fair.

My booth was located by a wall with a decline in the edge of the road. So when it rained cats and dogs, the water accumulated and rose to about 5 inches in the deepest spot.

CusterFair (1)

All the artists closed up their tents, and everyone scattered looking for shelter. Some people drove home, some people were hiding from the storm at the underpass nearby. I zipped up my tent and quickly worked to get all my art away from the water.

Thankfully, none of my work was damaged. But my feet got completely submerged in the water.

CusterFair (2)

From inside my canopy, I could still hear voices of kids and adults running through puddles to their cars. Thunder, wind, and lightning all around. Rain falling harder and harder. Flood rising higher and higher. My car is parked 3 blocks away and I’m stuck in this tent. What to do?

Take selfies!

CusterFair (5)

This is the face of a stressed out person, wondering if she’s about to die.

When the rain calmed down a bit, I walked to my car and drove to Target to get some extra waterproof bins to help protect my artwork.

The next morning, on Sunday, I wondered if this rain would continue, and if I should just pack up and go home. But the weather became beautiful outside! I got a chance to walk around a little and make this little video of my neighbor artists:

The show went on! Soon, lots of people came to enjoy the fair. Thank you to everyone who visited and I was happy to see you enjoying my work!
CusterFair (3)

I rented this SUV for the weekend. It was a brand new Chevy…something. I should have paid more attention to the make of the car because I really liked driving this one. It was a good fit for me and my cargo.

CusterFair (4)

It’s similar to the Razor Rover, but just a little more waterproof.

This Thursday, June 26th, I’ll be at Chicago’s John Barleycorn River North for one night with a few other artists. Excited for this show and to drive my next mystery vehicle!

#IAmDriven Even Without A Car

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A fun thing happened! Land Rover picked me as one of their 5 First Prize winners of their #IAmDriven #Contest:

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!

You can check out the write up on IllustrArticles for details. Long story short, my face in the above photo was my initial reaction when I got the email on my phone while I was at work and then Land Rover sent me some awesome camera lenses for my phone as my prize. I’m in love with the fisheye lens, always wanted one! I’ll be posting photos with the lenses on my Instagram.

Also, I currently don’t own a car. After moving to Chicago 3 years ago, I sold the one I had because I was needed to take a break from doing art fairs and started to use public transportation to get around instead. And because of that, every time I’ve done an art fair since or took a trip somewhere, I had to rent a car. This has been more cost-efficient but I do miss having the ability of driving to places anytime.



I have a lot of art fairs coming up this summer, including Wells Street Art Festival and more that I’ll announce as they’re confirmed. This means I’m going to be renting a lot of cars! And of course, I’ll be sure to rent a Land Rover. It might be a bit uncertain not knowing what I’ll be driving next but I’m looking forward to trying out different cars because that will help me decide what kind of car I will need to eventually buy for my career needs and life in general.