This is Ashleigh

Ashleigh is a rare gem that I met on the train while heading to Galesburg, IL to visit my mom a few days ago.

Majority of the time I either sit on the train alone or next to someone who insists on pretending that I don’t exist. If a conversation takes place, it seldom ventures beyond a topic like the weather. And after my many failed attempts, I end up with my earphones on for the rest of the trip.

(I like learning about people but sometimes I end up sitting next to a dude who asks inappropriate questions or makes inappropriate comments. That’s when I look for a different seat or am definitely scrambling for my earphones!)

But this trip began very differently when Ashleigh sat down next to me. Our conversation began about the meowing we heard somewhere in the train car, because we were convinced that someone was smuggling a cat inside their baggage. We continued to talk nearly the entire trip. After a range of topics like theater, music, work, travel, dreams, and life in general. Eventually, the train got to Galesburg and I had to go.

We never did find out if there was actually a cat somewhere on board.