New Illustration Blog and Art Process

New Blog!

IllustrArticles – Illustrated articles about important stuff.

I love reading blogs and articles about various topics and I’ve always wanted illustrate for editorials. I’ve done a few editorial illustrations for a newspaper in the past, and would love to do more for magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. I also love to write. So, IllustrArticles is my way of indulging in both: illustration and writing, based on my life experiences and introspection about IMPORTANT STUFF.

About 2 weeks ago, I told myself that if I can think of 5 topics to write AND draw, I will buy the IllustrArticles domain name. It was up by May 2nd. So far, I’ve done 2 posts and working on more. If my sense of humor doesn’t make your eyeballs bleed, you can follow on Tumblr or subscribe to the RSS feed.

This Razorberries blog is just more of a place to read about my new art and peeks of my work processes, which I will post more of, now that I have IllustrArticles and I feel more organized. Speaking of work process…

Work process: Before/After

The following sketches and illustrations are the ones I created for my first two IllustrArticles (anyone getting sick of that word, yet?) posts.

Stiff Upper Lip - Before/After

Warm Hands in Cold Water - Before/After

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