Razorberries At Sacred Art Chicago

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Sacred Art Chicago is currently featuring my artwork as part of their Artist Showcase Series during the months of May and June! Last week was the show opening. Just for that night, I brought some of my sketchbooks for everyone to flip through, including the one from when I was 5 years old.


The sketchbooks show the progress me of learning to draw through practice. And I’m still always learning and evolving.

You can check out my artwork at Sacred Art at 4619 N Lincoln Ave, here in Chicago, until the end of June.

State Of The Art Chicago Show and Driving a Subcompact Car

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Last Thursday, I had a chance to be a part of State of the Art Chicago show at John Barleycorn River North.

If you like fruity drinks and ever go to that restaurant, you gotta try their Raspberry Margarita. So good! I had mine without salt. Because fruit + salt = nope.

State of the Art June 2014

The dining booths were converted into little gallery spaces! This was my booth for the night:

State of the Art June 2014

I was so happy to see some familiar faces visiting my booth!

The show was indoors and the walls were provided by SOTA – so I didn’t have to bring any of my heavy walls or tent. With my cargo being much lighter, I didn’t have to rent an SUV this time. So I rented a small car. A tiny car. Baby bear’s car:

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 subcompact car was just right for this show. I loved this thing. It was a day for all things tiny: Driving this tiny car, just for one day, for a 3-hour show, in a tiny gallery space. The only giant part about it all – it was a lot of fun.

This concludes my art show marathon for a little while. You can read about my past art shows from the previous 2 weeks here: Wells Street Art Fest and Custer Fair.

I’ll be working on commissions and traveling until my next show,Bucktown Arts Fest in August.

The Tale of Tattletail

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I’m excited to be a part of the SPECIES Showcase by Animal, coming soon to New Delhi, India. Artists were asked to create artwork of an animal. The only rule is that it had to be in the shape of the Animal logo. So, I created “Tattletail” inspired by parakeets.


The title of my Animal artwork is Tattletail, emphasizing the long tails of parakeets. When I was a kid, I got an aqua-colored parakeet named Kesha for my birthday. He was a sweet little bird, who learned how to talk and even tried to compose his own phrases. Eventually, he passed away. I missed him a lot. Years later, I did what any well-adjusted teenager would have done: I got a new aqua-colored parakeet and named him Kesha. But this one had a completely different personality and didn’t talk. That’s when reality hit me like a ton of bird droppings: No matter how similar the characteristics, each animal is unique and tells its story in its own way.

Additionally, here’s a tiny video I made that shows the drawing process and close-ups:

(Song: “I Like Birds” – The Eels)