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  • “How do you make a portable watercolor set?” | Artist – Episode 3
    Like any normal person, when I get a new tool, I immediately begin working on obsessing over it. But when I got a new tiny watercolor palette so I could paint anywhere I go, I had to make a very tough decision quickly because I’m impatient. Watch more Artist episodes […]
  • “What did you do today?” | Artist – Episode 2
    In this episode of Artist, I answer a deeply personal question. Then I talk about bringing back my ongoing series of one-of-a-kind paintings called Pieces and take you through the process of painting Piece #21. Oh hey, Pieces are back and I kept wanting to blog them, but so far […]
  • “How are you?” | Artist – Episode 1
    I created an art video blog in the style of a Netflix documentary show! It’s called Artist and I take you behind the scenes of my artwork. This is the first episode, where I show you the process of how I created a painting and answer a question I didn’t […]

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Tatyana PshenychnyTatyana Pshenychny is an artist and actor who lives in Los Angeles (previously Chicago). She creates vibrant watercolor & ink illustrations. A balance between dark and light, she strives for her work to be a fun visual escape. And while the paint dries, she makes comedy videos: Artist. Her work is inspired by humans, nature, and human nature. Read more about Tatyana’s work in her artist curriculum vitae.

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