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  • How I Painted “Remains” With Watercolor & Ink On An Easel Standing Up
    ”Remains”11×14watercolor & ink This new painting has been in the works for most of August and because I recorded the painting process, the painting took longer to complete. It’s September now and I’ll never shut up about it. I have […]
  • New art from the heart
    I have hearts in my logo, and Valentine’s Day is coming up, so how could I possibly not acknowledge this chair holiday. In this sentence, “chair” is an adjective. I’m using the word “chair” to describe the holiday because it’s […]
  • Art vs Artist: My Celebration of 2020
    Right now my apartment smells like cinnamon, eggnog, and coffee. No, this is not a blog with too much information about my personal life before I share my recipe for how to make cinnamon eggnog coffee. Just mix the 3 […]
  • “What did you do today?” | Artist – Episode 2
    In this episode of Artist, I answer a deeply personal question. Then I talk about bringing back my ongoing series of one-of-a-kind paintings called Pieces and take you through the process of painting Piece #21. Oh hey, Pieces are back […]
  • “How are you?” | Artist – Episode 1
    I created an art video blog in the style of a Netflix documentary show! It’s called Artist and I take you behind the scenes of my artwork. This is the first episode, where I show you the process of how […]
  • Mocktails – Impossibly Good Drink Recipes
    One of my hobbies is making drinks and cocktails for family and friends. There’s just something I love about mixing colorful liquids and spirits. I don’t know what it is about it… Gatherings and potlucks, most of the time instead […]
  • Ongoing New Art on Instagram
    I’ve been drawing and writing a lot of new art for the past year and have scheduled 3+ months of it to automatically post on my Instagram. These posts have been appearing on a schedule since New Year’s Day. They […]
  • Razorberries in Los Angeles
        There’s a lot of cactuses here. And flowers. These are not vacation photos. This is my new home. I moved across the country to Los Angeles 8 months ago, on April 1st. Of course, I only remembered to […]
  • Razorberries At Sacred Art Chicago
    Sacred Art Chicago is currently featuring my artwork as part of their Artist Showcase Series during the months of May and June! Last week was the show opening. Just for that night, I brought some of my sketchbooks for everyone to […]

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Tatyana PshenychnyTatyana Pshenychny is an artist and actor who lives in Los Angeles (previously Chicago). She creates vibrant watercolor & ink illustrations. A balance between dark and light, she strives for her work to be a fun visual escape. And while the paint dries, she makes comedy videos: Artist. Her work is inspired by humans, nature, and human nature. Read more about Tatyana’s work in her artist curriculum vitae.

Twitter: @razorberries
Instagram: @razorberries
YouTube: @razorberries