Tatyana Pshenychny Tatyana Pshenychny is a self-taught artist and actor born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and based in Los Angeles, CA. She creates vibrant, dark, and surreal paintings inspired by humans, nature, and human nature. Using various techniques in watercolor with pen, brush, and ink on paper, Tatyana has developed an illustrative painting style that glows with light-hearted innocence and dark undertones. A balance between dark and light, she strives for her artwork to be a fun visual escape. She also creates a comic called Skeletons Of Self-care. And while the paint dries, she makes comedy videos. Since starting to paint professionally in 2006, her work has been exhibited in galleries, art fairs, and private collections around the U.S. and internationally. Read more about Tatyana’s work in her artist curriculum vitae.

To learn more about Tatyana’s inspiration, paintings, and her art studio watch Artist on YouTube. For info about the art materials she uses, check out this list.

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