I Pranked OK Go

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Last week’s illustrarticle featured one of my favorite bands, OK Go. I wrote and illustrated the story, “OK Go Adds 503 New Band Members at Secret Audition” – which you can read here: http://illustrarticles.com/exclusive-ok-go-adds-503-new-band-members-at-secret-audition/   Click the above thumbnails to see … Continued

Broken Flip-Flop

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  The other day, I had the worst day of my life. My flip-flop broke! Read the “Broken Flip-Flop Ruins Life” illustrarticle here: http://illustrarticles.com/broken-flip-flop-ruins-life/ “Broken Flip-Flop” illustration is available as a poster, framed print, tote bag, and more at the IllustrArticles shop.

The Laundered

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This illustration “The Laundered” is for the new illustrarticle I wrote, which you can read here -> Study Reveals: When Laundry Folds, You Win. “The Laundered” is available as a poster, framed print, tote bag, and more at the IllustrArticles shop.  

Traveling Niagara Falls in the Razor Rover

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For our last stop of the road trip, we saved the best for last: It was an amazing, beautiful, and refreshing dream come true to finally see an internet connection on my iPhone! Yeah, we had no phone or internet reception in Canada, and had to … Continued

Traveling Toronto in the Razor Rover

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I can officially say I’ve been to a different country. (Although, I’m from Ukraine and live in the U.S., I’ve spent enough time in both of these countries to consider them both homes.) When we’re not getting high on fresh … Continued

Traveling Kalamazoo, MI in the Razor Rover

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When we arrived in Michigan, we found the beautiful Kalamazoo Nature Center. Anya and I roamed around the trails with a camera while Stosh roamed around the trails with a microphone. But interviewing nature wasn’t an easy task because of … Continued

Hear, See, Speak Bulls

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This is a commission I just finished. It’s based on my “Hear, See, Speak” crows. The rough sketch from my moleskine: The final sketch, before inking and coloring, in my large sketchbook: Yay!

Nature Made It Rain

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These are my soaked shoes from the other day. I was walking around the neighborhoods one evening, just as most people were returning home from work. It was gloomy and getting ready to rain. It seemed like an unproductive day … Continued

Retiring Old Prints Soon

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Some of the older prints will be retired to make room for new things. Studio sale coming soon! Those who are subscribed to the Razorberries Email List get dibs on items. If you’re not signed up yet, you can do … Continued

Featured on Design Juices

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Design Juices features a lot of awesome illustration and design, and I’m so excited that my illustration work was featured alongside such great artists! My feature shares a some background info about my artistic influences and my project IllustrArticles. You can read … Continued

Hear, See, and Speak Like A Crow in 2014

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This New Year, I look forward to doing a lot of things. In order to stay on track with my goals, I’ve narrowed down my resolutions to these 3 basic principles. They are illustrated in my “Hear, See, Speak” crows … Continued

Brrrds Chillin in Chicago

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Oh, snow! It snowed again. A whopping 3 inches. With all the reports raving about the WINTER STORM HEADING FOR CHICAGO, I mildly pondered if I should have shopped for the groceries I’ve been neglecting to go get for the … Continued

The Russian Meteor: From Cupid, With Love

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BREAKING NEWS: The real culprit behind the Russian Meteor is believed to be none other than Cupid. Experts note that Cupid has been behind many different disastrous relations with his past attempts to make people fall in love. With his … Continued


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What better day to reveal this new piece than Valentine’s Day. It may have been labeled as a Hallmark holiday, but to me, it’s a day that celebrates love & passions. I created this in watercolor & ink and it’s … Continued

Icebox Turtle

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Created this for an art jam with my friend, Joshua Dixon. He chose the topic for us: “Quirky & detailed house guarded by a significantly large creature/animal, attached to the house as a guard.”

Holiday Art Sale

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If you’re shopping for gifts for art lovers, you can use the code HOLIDAY15 at checkout in my Etsy shop to receive 15% off your order until Dec 31st, 2012. To ensure your items will arrive by Christmas Eve, please … Continued

Romney. Just a little prick.

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  Mitt Romney’s overblown ego didn’t help him win the election. Big ego, little much else to back up his promises– nothing new. See below the process from sketch to finish. I originally had Romney dressed in the sketch phase. … Continued

Bear in mind

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Brian Urlacher is a big fan of The Cubs. So remember, remember… Even big, scary Bears have a soft spot for their favorite things.

Fair Man

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At a fair in Galva, IL. July 4th. Around 7 pm. The weather still in the upper 90’s. I ask this man how he manages to work under such conditions. He replies, “Air conditioning.”

This is Ashleigh

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Ashleigh is a rare gem that I met on the train while heading to Galesburg, IL to visit my mom a few days ago. Majority of the time I either sit on the train alone or next to someone who … Continued

This is Lindsay

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I met Lindsay while walking on the beach one morning. She was sitting on the edge of a dock, playing her guitar when I walked up and asked to photograph her. She instantly recognized my camera, which was a Nikon … Continued

This is Anya

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I’m so proud of Anya, my little sister. Not only did she graduate college with honors last weekend, she also became a U.S. citizen yesterday, along with my mom. I took these graduation photos of Anya a couple weeks ago.

This is Devin

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Say hello to my little friend: Hello? Devin? Hello, Devin! A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the coolest little dude in town and his family. Devin sure knows how to have fun. We played on the … Continued