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I have hearts in my logo, and Valentine’s Day is coming up, so how could I possibly not acknowledge this chair holiday. In this sentence, “chair” is an adjective. I’m using the word “chair” to describe the holiday because it’s a metaphor for how I looked around the room and saw something that I love.

Piece #25 is one of the new originals that are in the shop. I ended up painting some of the Pieces in more detail because I wanted to see how certain details would look with a new painting technique I’ve developed. These paintings would look pretty classy in a black frame, or both matted & framed in black. I’ve created several new original paintings available in the shop, all of which I painted at night while sitting in the chair that I love.

“A Calm Within A Qualm” 3×3 limited edition vinyl sticker – $3.49 Buy sticker

And a new limited-edition sticker from my 2010 painting “A Calm Within A Qualm”. Stick it on your phone case, your laptop, your chair, use it as a bookmark, or anywhere you’d like to have a little sanctuary. These stickers are beautifully printed​ by Sticker Mule.

Prints of “A Calm Within A Qualm” are also available for your sanctuary.

Thanks for reading and for checking out my work.


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