How I Painted “Remains” With Watercolor & Ink On An Easel Standing Up

"Remains" watercolor and ink painting I painted on easel

watercolor & ink

This new painting has been in the works for most of August and because I recorded the painting process, the painting took longer to complete. It’s September now and I’ll never shut up about it.

Remains watercolor and ink painting on easel videos on TikTok

I have a weird habit of trying new things, so of course, I signed up for TikTok. But now I regret that I didn’t do this sooner because it’s fun making mini-movies about my art. Here’s how I created the “Remains” painting – a story in 3 videos. Sound up.

Video 1: The humble beginning…


Prep work for a larger watercolor painting on my new board #artist #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Tatyana Pshenychny

To create this painting, I first enlarged the 6×9 sketch I drew in my sketchbook a while ago. Then I transferred it to 11×14 inch size watercolor paper using a lightbox. Then, I taped the drawing to a wood panel and attached the panel to an easel. While preparing to paint, I specifically used this ambient, serene music in my video to help calm my nerves.

Video 2: Why am I like this?

I painted this in watercolor and ink vertically while standing up. Painting vertically with watercolor is challenging. Painting vertically with permanent ink is challenging insane. Why did I do this standing up, knowing fully well that watercolor and ink are watery mediums that drip down and not up?

Video 3: Oh, that’s why.


Part II: Painting with ink on an easel. Check my profile for Part I ♥️ #neverstopexploring #artist #onthejob #tutorials #smallbusinessowner

♬ original sound – Tatyana Pshenychny

Yup, it must be my weird habit of trying new things, again. And because I’m already good at watercolor and ink horizontally, and now vertically. After adding some black acrylic paint and more watercolor, the work is complete and referred to in all my future conversations indefinitely, such as: “Per my last ‘Remains’ painting…”. So keep my new skill in mind the next time a disaster strikes.

The “Remains” original painting is available for purchase in my shop.

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