The Language of Plants Sketch

Wire bound sketchbook page with ink drawings of grass, tulips, and filigree scrollwork.

Over the years, I have worked on several sketchbooks and completed sketches that I later transferred onto watercolor paper, where I created final paintings. That’s my way of practicing sketching. But my sketchbooks barely contain pages where I sketched and practiced the same subject over and over. I used to not be able to spend much time sketching in a sketchbook just repetitively sketching the same thing because it couldn’t keep my attention and I got bored. But now I’m a total practice pro after completing this first page.

The inspiration for this was crunchy autumn leaves from my hikes. I’ve also been very into silhouetted plants so a few tulips and grass to practice brush pen ink lines. The question is “What does it all mean?” These are a few sentences in plant language. It’s what the plants say right before you step on them. Excuse my accent.

♥ Tatyana

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