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Romney. Just a little prick.


Mitt Romney’s overblown ego didn’t help him win the election. Big ego, little much else to back up his promises– nothing new.

See below the process from sketch to finish. I originally had Romney dressed in the sketch phase. But when I thought of the title, it was only natural to show him au naturel.

I had fun voting for the first time in my life this year and I’m so glad that all the campaign ads are over

We all placed our ballots and kept our fingers crossed–hoping and wishing. Then we watched the results coming in live, kind of like watching an ultrasound and trying to make out what was developing. Sadly, there was hardly a chance that it would be a girl, Jill Stein. But when it was final, we got ourselves a Barack Obama. Someone who cares about all people, and women’s rights. Guess who I didn’t vote for?

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