Art vs Artist 2023

#artvsartist center is a sunlit photo of Tatyana, surrounded by 8 of her fav paintings she created in 2023: Shedding Light, Fireflies, Can'tdle, Mount Leafpile, Write, Playtime, Flourish, Angy

It’s that time of the year again: #artvsartist. To participate, an artist chooses 8 of their favorite artworks that they created during the year, plus 1 photo from the year of themselves, and posts the complication image on Instagram and Twitter. I’m also posting it here on my blog because I believe in blog. My 2023 recap:

  • This year, I focused on painting a lot of smaller art, sized ~ 5×5 in and 5×7 in
  • I did a lot of brainstorming to prepare to paint larger art and these smaller pieces helped me nail down my ideas and techniques
  • This year, I especially appreciated the beautiful, little things in life, like watching the sunset from my yacht*

*It’s a metaphorical yacht. If I ever have a real yacht, you’d be the first I would invite.

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